How do I help patients navigate through onpatient?

  • This is an excellent video walk through (you can either watch it as a refresher, or direct patients to it).
  • If you need text information, you can share the directions below.
    • Once the Health Coach has sent the onpatient invite, it is valid for seven days.
    • The patient will need to verify it is them, create an onpatient account and password, and enter the DOB and phone number they provided during the consult.
    • Once logged in, the patient will be able to view their upcoming appointments. They should click the button to 'check-in' for their next appointment. (It will not work if they try and click on a past appointment)
    • Patient should scroll to bottom of the information page, where they can click on the consent form.
    • Patient should scroll to the bottom of the consent form, and sign in the 'signature' section.
    • Patient must click 'I'm done'.

  • (Additional note: onpatient works best on desktop or on drchrono's app)

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