Create a new care plan

  1. Login to your account and navigate to the Tracks page in the dashboard. 
  2. Click the 'Create New Global Track' icon above your plan list. If you would like to create a new Individual track, you can click the subheader.

  3. Give your care plan a descriptive name  and indicate who your care plan is intended for in the description. Click next. 
  4.  Click Add Preset to add a new preset schedule to the care plan. Select from questionnaire (clinical assessments), sentiment (short single-question check-ins about mood), or program (themed educational programs). 
  5. Click Select Questionnaire, Select Sentiment or Select Program and choose an item from the dropdown menu. 
  6. Choose the frequency, time, and start date that you would like the questionnaires to go out.
  7. You may add multiple questionnaires, sentiments and programs, but keep in mind that the more items you send out, the more notifications your patient will get. We recommend sending up to 2 items per week to keep patients engaged without overburdening them.   
  8. Press Done to create your care plan! 

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