How to verify insurance eligibility

To check a patient’s insurance eligibility in DrChrono:

  1. Select the patient’s appointment
    • Once in the patient’s appointment, go to:
      • Eligibility tab
  1. Click the ‘run primary insurance’ button. 
  2. See: details of coverage. 
    1. Click on the "active coverage" tab. See insurance type and description. 
    2. Sometimes, this will provide you with all the information you need about the patient’s plan, and responsibility. If so then you can proceed to step 3.
    3. If you need more information about the details of coverage, seek out the cost of ‘mental health’ services under ‘Cost Share’, ‘Copayment’, or ‘Deductible’ tabs. If you can’t find the information you need, you can view additional tools for verification here.
  3. Go to flags, and select add flag to patient, to add all relevant information.
    1. Add that the patient has been eligibility verified, and add in the comment the mm/yyyy of your verification.
    2. If the patient is medicaid, add that flag. There are also flags for additional factors like self-pay or minors.
    3. Add the flag with the amount for any copay or deductible (with deductible add a note with details, like percentage). 
    4. If more info is needed: you can view additional tools for verification here.
  4. On the insurance tabAdd what type of plan the patient has (Medicaid, Medicare, or Commercial), in the drop down and type fields shown here.

Full instructions can be found here.

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