Post-Consult: What do I do?

Post-Consultation Checklist

After your call is over, please make sure that you have completed the following things in the patient profile. 

In the ‘Important’ tab
  • Update the primary provider. If the patient has two providers, select the therapist as they will be seeing the patient more frequently.
  • Make sure that the email address and cell number are listed.
  • Remember to select the blue ‘Save demographics’ button at the bottom after making any changes.
In the ‘Demographics’ tab:
  • Make sure to update the: date of birth, sex, address, and emergency contact fields.
  • Update the primary care physician information in ‘Custom demographics’.
  • Under ‘Referring Source’, please make sure to enter in the referring sources for 
    • CDPHP patients. The dropdown options are: CDPHP Website, BHAC (Behavioral Health Access Center), or CDPHP Case Management, FUH, if they are a hospital discharge. FUM, if they are an emergency room discharge. 
    • For non-CDPHP patients, you can select ZocDoc, Instagram,  or Google as necessary.
     You will be collecting this information during the consultation or will have access to it in the referral.
  • Remember to select the  blue ‘Save demographics’ button at the bottom after making any changes. 
In the ‘Insurance’ tab:
  • If the patient belongs to one of the insurances we accept, please update their member ID under the ‘Insurance’ tab. For CDPHP patients, please enter 00065 to search for the primary insurance name. For all other patients, you can use the Payer IDs found in the Valera Provider List.  If they have secondary Medicaid or Medicare, please add that to their profile as well.  If they are self-pay, please leave this blank, and add a self-pay flag.
  • In the ‘Insurance plan name’ type field, specify if the patient’s coverage is medicaid, medicare (part B is outpatient), or commercial. Under the dropdown of ‘Insurance Plan Type’ select medicaid, medicare, or commercial.
In the ‘Flags’ tab:
  • Add that the patient has been eligibility verified, and add in the comment the mm/yyyy of your verification. Add all other relevant flags.
In the Dashboard:
  • Please make sure that the date of birth, email address, mailing address updated in Valera Health patient profile as well
  • Confirm that you have added the pod-health coach, and once everything is complete - please remove yourself from the care team.

Mark the appointment status as ‘Complete’ in the consult appointment-- shown here →

After you are done updating the patient profile and have created the initial provider appointment,  please send an email to the provider with initial appointment information; you will have access to all the provider’s email addresses. 

Only include the date and time of the appointment, and indicate that it is a new patient. No other PHI. 

If the patient had a suicide positive response in the PHQ-9, please indicate it in the email. If the patient is not using the Valera Health dashboard, and using DrChrono televideo instead, please also include that in the email. 

You can access email templates for all the different types of referrals here.

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