How do I discharge a patient?

The discharge protocol is as follows:

  1. The provider* outreaches the patient twice, if there is no contact. The provider documents this in DrChrono. 
  2. Provider reaches out to the health coach through email to ask them to contact the patient.
  3. Health coach outreaches the patient through phone to re-engage patient.
    1. if the patient responds, support reconnection with the provider. Be sure to document as a non-clinical encounter.
    2. if a patient does not respond, document outreach attempts as non clinical encounters and inform the provider through email. 
  4. Provider will complete the discharge letter, send it to the patient, and upload into patient profile. 
  5. Provider will flag the patient as 'Discharged from Service' in the Flags tab.

*If the provider has had no contact with the patient, proceed to step 2, and reach out to the health coach. The Health coach will be responsible for flagging the patient as discharged in this case.

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