Register a new patient

Before registering a new patient

Before registering a patient, it is important to verify with the patient that their mobile phone number is correct, and that they agree to receive SMS messages from Valera Health during the on-boarding process. (Valera Health will text new patients a link to download the app, and patients will be texted a 4-digit verification code for security purposes once they log into the app).

Registering a new patient

  1. On the left hand side of your dashboard, click on the (patient/+) icon.
  2. In the Register New Patient window, enter the patient's information (MRN is not required). Be sure to enter an accurate mobile phone number for the phone the patient will be using to download the app. Click Next.

  3. Assign the patient a Care Plan by choosing from the drop-down menu. Choose the patient's primary care manager from the drop-down menu (this is the person who will be primarily responsible for messaging and managing the patient in the Valera Health dashboard). You may enter other clinical information as needed.

  4. Select Done and Send App. The patient will receive both an SMS message with a link to download the Valera Health app, and a welcome e-mail. Patients can also download the app by searching “Valera Health” in the Google Play or App Store.

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